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Use Optimizely <<product-name>> to directly modify content on your website from within the website, without having to use the Admin Console. This lets you make and see changes immediately, alongside the rest of the website content.

To use In-Context Editing, a user must be logged into the Admin Console with the _ISC_ContentApprover_, _ISC_ContentAdmin,_ or _ISC_ContentEditor_ roles and launch the CMS.

This document does not cover the steps for assigning these roles. See [Overview of Website User Administration](🔗) for more information.

When the CMS is launched, a new toolbar appears with the **Review Mode** and **Edit Mode** options.

Click either **Review Mode** or **Edit Mode** to activate the selected option. The option color changes to show that the option has been selected, as shown in the graphic below:

**Review Mode** lets you see and approve unapproved content on the website, while **Edit Mode** allows content to be modified. When **Edit Mode** is selected, widgets that can be modified appear in blue boxes, as shown in the graphic below:

Click **Edit** to display the **In-Context HTML** editor. Use this editor to modify the widget.

When changes are made to widgets and saved, the new unapproved revision appears on the website in **Review Mode**, surrounded by an orange box.

After all changes are made, click **Publish** to save and push changes to the website.