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The system supports a vendor structure to determine the primary vendor for a given product. Products are assigned to a singular vendor which could be the manufacturer, distributor, or brand.

Use vendors to sort products, apply vendor-based promotions, or customize the feature to integrate vendors with the company ERP.


Creating a vendor and assigning it to a product does not trigger logic without developer customizations.

## Create a vendor

  1. In the **Admin Console**, go to **Shipping & Fulfillment** \> **Vendors**.

  2. Click **Add Vendor**.

  3. Enter the **Vendor's Name**, **Vendor's Number**, and **Website Address**.

  4. Enter in the primary contact information for the vendor.

  5. Click **Save**.

## Assign a vendor to a product

  1. In the **Admin Console**, go to **Catalog** \> **Products** \> select the desired product.

  2. In the **Product Details** finger tab, under **Inventory & Fulfillment** click into the **Vendor** field,.

  3. Select the desired vendor from the drop-down menu.

  4. Click **Save**.