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Add **Accessories** to a product to encourage website users to purchase related items. For example, if the product is a mobile phone, assign the phone's charger and a compatible case to the product as accessories.


In 4.3.2 and previous versions of <<product-name>>, customization is required to display accessories on the website.

To add accessories to a product:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products.**

  2. Select **edit** next to a product.

  3. Select the **Accessories** finger tab.

  4. Click **Assign Accessories**.

  5. Select one or more existing products to add as accessories. Click **Assign**, then click **Done** to save.

To display accessories on the website, content users may add a **Related Products** widget to the product page, and select the **Accessory** Product Relationship.