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To create a theme, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Create the theme project.

  2. Assign the theme to a website.


Download and install <<product-name>> Cloud SDK (see <<<product-name>>-Cloud-Environment-Setup-for-Developers> for instructions)

## Create theme project

  1. In the directory where the SDK was installed, go to the **\~\\src** directory.

  2. Run the **createTheme.ps1** PowerShell script. Use the name of your theme as the first and only argument.

  3. Use Visual Studio to open the **InSiteCommerce.sln** solution file. The PowerShell script created a separate project for your theme and named it using your theme name.


  4. Build the solution.

## Assign theme to website

  1. Log into the **Admin Console**.

  2. Go to **Websites** in the left navigation.

  3. Click **Edit** next to the Website to which you want to assign your theme.

  4. On the **Details** finger tab, use the **Theme** drop-down to select your theme.

  5. Click **Save**.

  6. Go to the **Storefront** for the Website. The Storefront is now using your theme:

## Multiple themes

Each website in <<product-name>> can only be assigned a single theme, but the platform can handle multiple themes. To add another theme to the platform, simply repeat the process above starting at **Create Theme Project**. For each new theme, remember to use a unique theme name.