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Often, preconfigured kits and bundles are stored in a company's ERP or product information management system. However, there may be occasions where it is necessary to create a permanent or temporary kit and bundle, known in the Admin Console in Optimizely <<product-name>>as a fixed configuration. Use the following steps to create a fixed configuration.


While these do appear on the website, orders with these configurations can be saved, but CANNOT be added to a list.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products**.

  2. Click **Add New Product** to create a new parent product, which serves as the container for the bundled items.

  3. Click **Save** to save the new parent product.

  4. Click the **Configuration** finger tab.

  5. Select **Fixed Configuration Type**.

  6. Click **Add Configuration Section**.

  7. Enter a **Section Name** on the **Details** Tab. This typically is a logical description of the collection of products.

  8. Click the **Options** finger tab, and click **Add Configuration Section Options**.

  9. Select the **Product Id** from the field.

  10. Determine if the product price will be used to calculate the configuration price.

  11. Enter the **Sort Order** and click **Save**.

  12. Repeat steps 8-11 for each product to add to the configuration.


    For the product to show on a website, the Product must be added to a Category, and the Search Index for Product and Category must be rebuilt. To rebuild the indexes, go to **Admin Console** \> **Marketing** \> **Search** \> **Indexing**.