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## Enter your Google Geocoder API key

It is important to enter your own Google API key in your Sandbox (and Production) environments so your maps load correctly on your Location Finder page.

  1. Purchase a key by visiting the [Google Maps Platform](🔗) page and clicking **Get Started**. Enable the **Javascript API** and **Geocoding API** in the Google Cloud Platform Console under your API key to avoid issues with maps loading correctly on the Location Finder page.

  2. Log into the Admin Console and go to **Administration \> System \> Settings \> Site Configurations**.

  3. Scroll down to the Geocoding section and enter your key in the **Google Geocoder API Key** field. Scroll to the General section and enter your key in the **Google API Key** field.

  4. Click **Save**.

## Fill-in location settings

  1. Log into the Admin Console and go to **Administration \> System> Settings \> Site Configurations**.

  2. Scroll down to the Locations section and fill-in the following fields:

    • **Default Latitude** - Default latitude to use for point to find dealers if a user doesn't provide a location. Default value: 44.9805206.

    • **Default Longitude** - Default longitude to use for point to find dealers if a user doesn't provide a location. Default value: -93.273896.

    • **Number of Locations Shown Per Page** - Number of locations to show a user per page. Default value: 5.

    • **Search Radius** - Radius in miles to look for locations. Default value: 50.

  3. Click **Save**.

## Add a location

For a Location to show up in the Location Finder, you must first create it in the Admin Console.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Shipping & Fulfillment** \> **Locations**.

  2. Click **Add Location** to create a new location.

  3. Fill in the applicable information for the location. Only **Name** is required, but the location's address and phone number are recommended.

  4. To show the location's website in the **Location Finder**, add a valid URL in the **Website URL** field.

  5. Once the location address is entered, click **Geolocator**; this populates the location's Latitude and Longitude fields.


    Complete this step only when creating single locations. For multiple locations, Insite recommends a geocoding service.

  6. Click **Save**.

  7. Add additional information, such as the location's operating hours, in the **Content Management** section.

  8. Select **Create Revision**, and enter the appropriate information in the pop-up editor.

  9. Click **Save**, then click **Publish** to push the revision to the live site.



You must assign the location to a website before it displays in the Location Finder. See Assigning a Location to a Website.