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To facilitate the PunchOut process, Optimizely <<product-name>> commonly works with an integration partner for its PunchOut projects. These integration partners serve as the middleware/translator between the customer's procurement system and <<product-name>>, allowing clients to connect to additional customer's procurement systems.

A contract between the client and the integration partner needs to be created prior to starting the PunchOut project. The connection between the integration partner and the Customer Procurement System can be confirmed and scoped as well. Optimizely's preferred integration partners have existing connections to many procurement systems allowing them to quickly integrate with <<product-name>>.

Customer Ship-To requirements are a data topic which need to be discussed (the number of locations which the customer will request to ship-to, and how these locations are identified in the customer's procurement system (AddressId)). More about this topic can be found within the **cXML/PunchOut Users & Address ID Mapping** section of the [PunchOut Configuration and Data Requirements article](🔗), but this will need to be identified early in the project.