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## Available handlers and helpers

This article is an association with the [Configurable Customer Address Fields](🔗) article.

The data for the configurable address fields are populated within the BillTo and ShipTo handler chains. The following CustomerHelper methods are actually responsible for aggregating, formatting, and returning validating information for use by the BillTo and ShipTo address forms on the Storefront.

These methods are currently used in the BillTo and ShipTo handler chains. An example of their use can be seen below.

## Use a custom handler to access the validation data

If you want to get access to the generated validation data, an easy way is to inject a custom handler into the chain of responsibility. The following handlers populate validation data for use by either the BillTo or ShipTo address forms.

GetBillToHandler500Populates validation for the BillTo address form.
GetShipToHandler500Populates validation for the ShipTo address form.

Below is an example custom handler that can be used to get access to the generated validation data: