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Child products should have pricing, content, and images before setting them as variant products.

### Create a parent product

The parent product is a placeholder to which the child products are associated. The parent product does not represent a part stored within your ERP system and should be set up as such:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products.**

  2. Click **Add Product** to create a new product record.

  3. Within the **Details** tab, enter data in the **Product Number** and **Product Title** fields. At the bottom of the list, ensure the **ERP Managed** and **Track Inventory** toggles are set to **OFF**.

  4. Within the **Content** tab, click **Create Revision** within the content section to add a description of the parent product. If more formatting or customization is necessary, click **Source**.

  5. Within the **Images** tab, add one or more sets of Small/Medium/Large images for the product set.

  6. Click **Save** in the **Revision** window.

  7. Assign the Product to a Category within the **Category** finger tab.

  8. Click **Save** in the Secondary Header.

### Add a variant class to a parent product

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Product**.

  2. Locate the parent product from the record list and click the **Edit** button.

  3. Select the **Variants** tab, select a Variant Type using the **Variant Type** drop-down .

  4. Click **Save** in the secondary header.

### Assign child products to a parent product

  1. From the **Variants** tab of the parent product, click **Assign Child Variants**.

  2. Using the checkboxes, select the products that will be child products of the parent product.

  3. Click **Assign**.

  4. Click **Done**.

  5. Click **Save** to save the child product association and click the **X** to exit the assignment screen.

  6. Continue this process for each child product.

  7. Click **Save** in the secondary header.


    Rebuilding the Product Search Index is required before the Variant Products will be available on the website.