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  1. Create a new SQL Server database.

  2. Run the script in the file attached at the end of this article called **Create-dbo.Orders-Table.sql** against your SQL Server database.

  3. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Jobs** \> **Connections**.

  4. Click the **Add Integration Connection** button.

  5. Choose **SqlServer** from the **Type Name** menu.

  6. Populate the **Url**, **Log On** and **Password** fields to configure it to connect to the new SQL Server database created in Step 1.

  7. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Jobs** \> **Job Definitions**.

  8. Click **Import** to import the integration job from the **Order-Submit-JobDefinition.json** file attached at the end of this article.


    The new job must be called "**Order Submit**". If you rename this job it will NOT run automatically after an order has been submitted on the site.

  9. In Visual Studio, create a new class library called **"Custom Integration"**.

  10. Add these references to the class library:

    • _Insite.Common_

    • _Insite.Integration_

    • _Insite.WIS.Broker_

    • \*System.Runtime.Serialization

  11. Add a new class called **"IntegrationProcessorFakeERPSubmit"** using the code found in the file attached at the end of this article called **IntegrationProcessorFakeERPSubmit.cs**.

  12. Update the values in this file for the database connection info on this line:

  13. Build the project. After the build completes, go to the **CustomIntegration** folder within your project and copy the **CustomIntegration.dll** file.

  14. Go to the install path of the WIS and paste the **CustomIntegration.dll** file into your **dll** folder.


    Make sure to stop the WIS service first before copying in the dll file. Once the file is in your dll folder then start the WIS service again.

  15. Verify the **WIS logfile.txt** contains the following: "**Found Custom Integration Processor FakeErpSubmit, registering in Unity**".

  16. Return to the Admin Console to complete the configuration of the integration job definition.

  17. Go back to the **Order Submit** job created earlier in this article. In the **IntegrationProcessor** field select the newly created processor "**FakeErpSubmit**".

  18. Submit an order on the site and verify that the order record was created in your SQL Server database.

Use this link to download the files referenced in this article: <>