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Website Users and Console Users are the central constructs for the management of information and security. They contain the information for accessing the websites and Admin Console, such as the user name, user profile information, default customer, assigned roles and assigned websites. Administrators need to effectively manage security for access to the Admin Console, as well as communicate to users in the Admin Console.

Administrators should not confuse the ways in which their users access information. Optimizely <<product-name>> has split the user group into two categories: Console Users and Website Users; allowing for more granular control of what Users can see and do within the websites and the Admin Console.

User records can be created via one of four processes:

  • Imported via an Spreadsheet (Typically only done during the Implementation Phase)

  • Pre-populated through an ERP system integration

  • Manually from within the Admin Console

  • Automatically when a new customer creates an order

If migrating from a previous version to 4.3 or later, it is important to recognize that the splitting of the Users into Console and Website Users introduces a breaking change. See the User Migration Considerations article for more information.