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## Pages

A Page refers to a webpage hosted within the Content Management System. Pages can be created from predefined templates that come with <<product-name>>, user defined Templates or can be custom built.

### Custom pages

When implementing a custom page, derive a class from the ContentPage if the new page should be navigated to. If the new custom page should show in the navigation menu but not be navigated to directly, derive from AbstractPage.

The MVC views are located in the Theme/Views/Pages folder of the InSiteCommerce.Web solution. The page models (.NET classes) are included in the Insite Module for each respective page.

For example, the CartPage class serves as the model for the Standard cart view.

Custom built pages require deriving from the ContentPage class and implementing the ICreatableContent interface. When custom pages are built using this best practice the platform will look for a corresponding content creator class that derives from AbstractContentCreator using generics of the page class name.

For example, the CartPageCreator is built as follows.