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Users with the role of **ISC_System** and **ISC_Implementer** can work with the **Master Edit Mode** and related tools. When enabled, this mode exposes hidden fields and screens without having to modify permissions. While the **Master Edit Mode** is enabled, these normally hidden fields and screens can be edited. This functionality is especially useful when exploring and testing additional functionality, as it allows the ISC_System or ISC_Implementer roles to quickly make changes to a field without having to switch roles or change permissions.

To access the **Master Edit Mode** and its related tools, click **Debug** on the **Primary Header** and select **Enable Master Edit Mode** from the menu.

Additionally, developers have the ability to rename existing placeholder fields available on existing Insite entities. Some properties exist on those entities that are used for common integrations and are not used by default, out of the box. These fields can be used for other purposes if need be.