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## Validate the setting

To enable the **Upload Order** link on the **Quick Order** page, the **Order Upload** Setting needs to be set to **ON**, which is the default:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings**.

  2. Type **Order Upload** in the search box, find and select **Order Upload**.

  3. Change the setting to **ON**.

## Messaging

Messaging on success/failure is controlled via the following **Application Messages**:

### UploadSuccessMessage

**Default Value** – \[Qty\] items successfully uploaded.

**Condition** – Upload was successful

### UploadFailureMessageProduct

**Default Value** – \[CutomerProductName/ProductName\] could not be added - unable to locate product

**Condition** – Message displays when any of the following are true:

  • Products have been deactivated

  • Products that customer is restricted from viewing

  • Products that are not assigned to a category on the website

### UploadPartialFailureMessageRounding

**Default Value** – \[CustomerProductName\] - quantity does not meet rounding rules.

**Condition** – Requested item does not meet rounding rules

### UploadSubstitute

**Default Value** – \[Customer/ProductName#\] no longer available. Substitute Product \[Customer;ProductName# \] added to cart. is available to add to cart.

**Condition** – Substitute product has replaced ordered product due to availability

### UploadFailureUofM

**Default Value** – \[Customer/ProductName\] could not be added. Unable to resolve Unit of Measure.

**Condition**<<product-name>> cannot resolve the Unit of Measure requested