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The API Tester can be used to validate the success and operation of the Optimizely <<product-name>> Admin API endpoints. It provides a quick way to confirm the Admin API; however, it is a primitive tool when compared to other built in products such as Google Developer Tools. The **Debug** button is only accessible to users assigned the role of **ISC_System** and/or **ISC_Implementer**.

After selecting **Api Tester**, the **Url** test field, a **Run** button and a **Decode** button are provided.

## Url

Enter the actual API test Url.

## Run

Selecting **Run** uses the Angular $http service as a core Angular service to facilitate communication with the <<product-name>> API using the browser's XMLHttpRequest object or via JSONP.

In this example, **/api/v1/admin/products** has been entered into the **Url** field and **Run** has been clicked:

The result shows a successful response of the Product endpoints.

## Decode

The decodeURIComponent() function decodes a URI component.

For information on decoding, see: <>