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Code Sample: JobPostprocessorProcessSubmitResponse Excerpt

All of the tables and column names shown above are used by the **JobPostprocessorProcessSubmitResponse** postprocessor when processing the response from an order submission. Below is an excerpt from that postprocessor that updates the **Customer** table within Optimizely <<product-name>> using the customer sequence and number from the ERP response.

Code Sample: Class Example Excerpt

Many times integration jobs will use a **DataSet** to store data in memory. These data sets are used for a variety of purposes, including to load data from <<product-name>> before a job begins and report data back to <<product-name>> from an external system, like an ERP. The processors that operate on this data rely on specific names for the tables and columns within the data sets. <<product-name>> provides a class that holds all of these table and column names so that processors don't need to repeat the same names and reference the correct tables and columns. Below is an excerpt from that class along with a few of the many properties that hold the table and column names.