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When trying to improve the accuracy or efficacy of search, working with the Robots.txt file and the site map are important. Adding metadata to products also improves search engine optimization (SEO).

To possibly improve search results, add content to the page title, meta description, and meta keywords. This can be accomplished using the Admin Console, Product Import, or via ERP integration in Optimizely <<product-name>>.

## Add metadata via the Admin Console


This method would only be used for one-off situations, as it wouldn't be efficient to use this for a large number of products.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products**.

  2. Find the desired Product and click **Edit**.

  3. Click the **Content** finger tab.

  4. Under the **Meta Data** section, populate the **Page Title**, **Meta Description**, or **Meta Keywords** with the relevant data.

## Add metadata via product import

This method is much more efficient, but still requires populating an Excel spreadsheet with the correct product data. Refer to the articles on importing products for more information:

  • Importing Poducts Using the Import Template

## Add metadata via an ERP integration

This method is the most efficient process when a large number of products need to be updated. However, this requires access to the ERP data and the assumption that the ERP has the proper information already included. See [Integration](🔗).