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In the scenario where a single order line is deleted in the ERP after the record previously existed in Optimizely <<product-name>>, a Job Definition Step can be added to allow for the deletion of child entries upon the refresh of the parent record. Refreshing the order history is the primary scenario where this would be used.

The Job Definition Step will delete all of the order lines associated with the order header records received in the order header refresh step. The assumption is that the subsequent step (order history line refresh) will then repopulate <<product-name>> with the remaining order lines from the ERP.

## Add the delete children job definition step

  1. Use the following steps to incorporate the "Delete Children" **Job Definition Step** into an Integration Job.

  2. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Jobs** \> **Job Definitions**

  3. Either **Edit** an existing Job Definition or **Create** a new Job Definition

  4. Within in the **Details** finger tab, under the **Delete Behavior** section, change the **Delete Children** toggle to show **YES**.


The option to delete children is only presented for target objects that have children.