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It is common that categories do not have banner images configured initially; however, featured images can be configured for categories.


Featured/banner images appear on child and stand-alone categories only; they do not appear on parent categories.

Below are the steps to display a featured image on a category page.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Categories**.

  2. Find the desired category in the **Category** list.

  3. Click **Edit** on the desired category.

  4. Click the **Content** finger tab.

  5. In the **Content Details** section, click **Browse** located to the right of the **Large Image** field to upload the desired image.


    The standard size for a large image is 520 pixels and accepted image types include all standard image file formats.

  6. If the desired image isn't available in the Image Library, click **Upload** and upload the image.

  7. Once the desired image is located, double-click it. The URL of the image should populate the **Large Image Path** field.

  8. Click **Save**.

The image has now been uploaded and saved, and the category page will now display the featured image.