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Moneris is an out of the box plug-in that can be configured to process payments when completing an order on your Optimizely <<product-name>> website.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **System** \> **Settings.**

  2. Search for and select "Payment Gateway".

  3. Select **Moneris** from the **Payment Gateway** menu.

  4. Populate the fields listed below with the criteria provided via your Moneris account.

The following Settings are used to configure Moneris as the payment provider in <<product-name>>:

Field NameDescription
Store IDEnter the Store ID assigned to the merchant by Moneris.
API TokenEnter the assigned API token to your account by Moneris.
LiveIf Yes, the live URL will be used for transactions and charges will be processed. Set to 'No' to have transactions use the Moneris sandbox URL for testing. Default value: No
Processing Country CodeCountry code of processing server. Default value: US


<<product-name>> does **NOT** store sensitive credit card or profile information.