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In this scenario, a user needs to export the all the products into Excel so she can analyze their current mix of products on the website. Because of the large number of products, this job can take some time to run. The user would like to complete other tasks in the Admin Console while waiting for the job to complete. Fortunately, all integration jobs, which includes both imports and exports, run in the background and the Jobs menu will notify the user when the job is complete.

## Review the export status via the Jobs menu

The **Jobs** menu provides access to the integration jobs a user has submitted. The menu displays if a job was a success or failure. Clicking the job record will drill into the Job Detail record. These records are accessed from the **Jobs** button on the top navigation, or from **All Jobs History** in the **Administration** section of the **Primary Navigation** menu.

The **Job Detail** record provides information regarding the job such as:

  • Job Number

  • Job Start Time

  • Job Message

  • Job Status

  • Button to return to the specific menu from which the job was initiated

  • Button to view all jobs

## Perform an export

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products**.

  2. Click **Export**.

  3. Ensure that **Products** is selected as the item to export.


  4. Select the desired columns to export.

  5. In the **Primary List Header**, click **Export**.

  6. The user can now move on to other tasks within the Admin Console and the **Jobs** menu, as shown below, will provide status.

    • After the Export job has started, the **Jobs** menu will display a number that corresponds to the total number of active jobs. In this case, only one Job is active.


    • Clicking the Jobs menu will display the status of the job.

    • Within the **Jobs** menu, clicking the job takes the user to the Jobs Detail page and it provides a link to download the file.