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To provide a more consistent language experience, Optimizely <<product-name>> makes it possible to translate the Home breadcrumb starting point to display the chosen language. Use the following instructions to update the breadcrumb.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Adminstration** \> **Translation Dictionary.**

  2. Click **More Options** and choose **Generate Records** to ensure that all options are listed.

  3. Change the **Search filter** to display **Keyword**.


  4. Enter "Home_Breadcrumb" into the Search field.

  5. Click **Edit** adjacent to the desired Breadcrumb or if multiple Breadcrumb will be modified, use the checkboxes and then click **Edit** in the **Secondary Toolbar**.

  6. In the **Language** field, choose the desired language.

  7. Both the **Source** and **Keyword** fields can be skipped over,

  8. In the **Translation** field, enter the translated Breadcrumb name.

  9. Click **Save** or **Save and Next.**

  10. Rebuild the **Product Search Index**:

    1. In the **Primary Navigation**, click **Marketing** \> **Search** \> **Indexing**.

    2. Click **Full Rebuild** for the Product Search Index.


If you have the website open, you many need to toggle back and forth between the different languages on the website before the change displays.