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Admin Console users who forget their passwords are provided a link to reset their password and then are guided through a typical "forgot password" workflow.

## Password reset workflow and notifications

### Admin console steps

The following steps are used within the Admin Console to start the password reset process.

  1. If an Admin Console user forgets their password, they can use the **Forgot Password** link provided on the **Sign In** screen.

  2. Clicking the link prompts the user to provide their username.

  3. After clicking **Send Email**, a notification states that an email with reset instructions has been sent to the email address associated with the username.

### Email steps

The following steps are taken once the user has received the reset password email. If the user fails to respond to the link provided in the email, they will need to start the process over.


By default, the reset password link sent to users via email expires after two days. If the user attempts to use an expired link, a message is displayed recommending they start the process over. The amount of time users have before the reset password link expires is controlled by the **Emailed Password Link Valid For Days** setting.

  1. If the user has a name entered in the **First Name** field of the **User Profile** page (**Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Users** \> **Console Users** \> **User Information**), the notification message displays "Hello \[First Name\]." If no first name exists, no salutation is included.

  2. Clicking the **Reset password** button redirects the user to **Change/Reset Password** page. The text will change on the page depending on if it is a new activation versus a request to change. 3. Passwords must match already configured password settings. To change or view the password settings, go to the **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> _System_ \> **Settings** \> **Account Management** \> _Console Security._ After the password has been changed, the user is then redirected to the sign in page where a **Password was reset** message is displayed.