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Cart abandonment is a common in issue in e-commerce, but does not mean customers did not intend to purchase. Sending emails to customers who abandoned their carts is a simple and effective method to remind them that they have items ready for purchase. This functionality gives you a simple way to approach boosting your conversion rates.

## Enable abandoned cart email reminders

When you enable this feature, this exposes the Abandoned Cart email template and Send Abandoned Cart Emails job to your Admin Console.

  1. Go to **Administration \> System \> Settings** in the Admin Console.

  2. Search for **Enable Abandoned Cart Email Reminders**.

  3. Toggle the setting to **YES**.If Yes, emails will be sent to registered users that abandon their cart after the defined period. Default value: No.

  4. Enter a value in the **Hours Before Sending Reminder** field. The number of hours after a cart has been updated before an abandoned cart email reminder is sent. Only one email reminder is sent for any cart. Default value: 24.

  5. Click **Save**.


The Abandoned Cart Emails job runs hourly to generate the emails.

## Customize the abandoned cart email template

The Abandoned Cart email template sends customers a link to their abandoned cart to complete their purchase and shows them up to three products that appear in the cart. Customers have the option to opt-out of these emails by clicking the **Unsubscribe** link at the bottom of the email.


To track which users unsubscribe to emails, you need to view the applicable entry in the UserProfile database (that is for users who unsubscribed from Abandoned Cart Emails, you can view EmailOptOutAbandonedCart = 1).

  1. Go to **Marketing \> Communication \> Email Templates** in the Admin Console.

  2. Click **Edit** next to the AbandonedCart email template.

  3. Click **Preview Revision** to view the template setup. See [Creating and Editing Email Templates](🔗) for more information on how to customize email templates.

## Send abandoned cart emails job

The Send Abandoned Cart Emails job sends emails to users who have items in a cart, but haven't checked out after a certain number of hours, based on the **Hours Before Sending Reminder** setting. The job is set to recur hourly by default.

  1. Go to **Administration \> Jobs \> Job Definitions** in the Admin Console.

  2. Search for the job name **Send Abandoned Cart Emails**.

  3. Click **Edit** to view or edit job details.

At the end of the job, the post-processor will log the number of emails created during each run. This lets you monitor whether emails are being sent or not, as indicated by your settings.