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Accounts Receivable (A/R) aging is a standard feature that can be implemented via a real-time API call or a refresh integration. If this feature is implemented, A/R data displays on the **Invoice History** list page on the website and is visible to authenticated users who already have access to see Invoices. This functionality can be enabled uniquely per website.

Use the following settings to display the information, select the data provider, and customize the number and name of the fields displayed on the Invoice History page:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings** and search for **Display A/R Balances**.

  2. Change the toggle to **YES**. When enabled, the aging accounts receivable data is displayed on the **Invoice History** list page.

  3. From the **A/R Provider** menu, select a service from which to derive the A/R Aging information. If **Generic** is selected, the information is derived from the <<product-name>> tables populated by the refresh integration, typically from the ERP. This setting is only available when **Display A/R Balances** =**YES**.

  4. **Aging Group Labels** - Create labels for each aging group. This setting is only available when **Display A/R Balances** = **YES**. The number of labels is not limited, however, only the first 5 will be displayed on the page.

When displaying the total amount due, <<product-name>> calculates the total of all the aging groups, with the exception of the final group.