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Individual End Users can configure personal information and settings within the Admin Console. Configurations include settings such as general user information, language, and column order. The information and settings are maintained across multiple logins.

To access the User Information and End User Settings, click **User Profile** found in the Primary Header.

## Change language

  1. Click anywhere in the field to the right of the **Language** field label.

  2. Select the desired Language

  3. Click **Save** in the secondary header.

## Change password

  1. Click **Change Password**.

  2. Enter the current password.

  3. Take note of the password requirements that are stated in the box to the right. As you enter the new password, it will automatically check off the requirements as they are met.

  4. Enter the new password and then retype to confirm. Once the new password has been entered and it meets the password requirements, the Change Password button will turn green.

  5. Click **Change Password** to save changes.


The password requirements for your implementation may differ from the default requirements shown.