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To assign Product A to Product B as a cross-sell in Optimizely <<product-name>>, use the following steps.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products.**

  2. From the **Product Detail** page, select the product that needs cross-sold products.

  3. Select the **Cross Sells** tab.

  4. Select **Assign Cross Sells**.

  5. Search and find the products to include as cross sells.

    Use the Filter, to the left of the Search box, to search based off of different criteria.

  6. Select the products that are to be assigned as a product Cross-Sell.

  7. Click **Assign**.

  8. Click **Done**.

  9. After selecting **Done**, the products have been assigned as cross sells. There is no need to select **Save**, as the process is complete.

**Expected Result:** A product has been assigned as a product Cross-Sell to another product. This causes the product to appear as a product Cross-Sell in a carousel on the **Product Detail** page.

Cross-sells are not bi-directional. If products 1234 and 4567 are cross-sold products of each other, they need to be set up uniquely. This is especially important when importing products, as the correct data associations need to be made in the import file. For example:

Product NumberTypeRelated Item