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Use this functionality to add a **View Availability by Warehouse** link below inventory availability messages, for example on product detail pages, product list pages and in the cart. When customers click the link, the Warehouse Inventory window appears and shows the inventory quantity for each warehouse assigned to the selected product. You can choose to limit this link to show only on product detail pages.


If a product is out of stock, this displays as zero quantity in red text, even if you allow backorders.

## Enable view availability by warehouse

Before you enable this functionality, verify the **Show Inventory Availability** setting has a value of **Always** or **Secure**.

  1. Go to **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings** and search for **Display Inventory Per Warehouse**.

  2. Switch the **Display Inventory Per Warehouse** toggle to **YES**. If Yes, a text link will display below product availability messages that opens a pop up with the exact inventory per warehouse. Default value: No.

  3. Click **Save**.

## Show link only on product detail pages

Before you adjust this setting, you must first set the **Display Inventory Per Warehouse** setting to **YES**.

  1. Go to **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings** and search for **Limit to Product Detail Page**.

  2. Switch the **Limit to Product Detail Page** toggle to **YES**. If Yes, the text link for availability by warehouse will only display on the product detail page. Default value: No.

  3. Click **Save**.