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As an Administrator, I need to reset a User's password. Use the following steps to reset the password.

  1. Log in to the **Admin Console**.

  2. Go to **Administration** \> **Users** \> **Website Users**.

  3. Click **Edit** of the desired User.

  4. In the **Primary Toolbar**, click **More Options** and choose **Reset Password** from the menu.

  5. If the User has access to multiple websites, select the website:


  6. Click **Send Email**. A message displays indicating the message was sent successfully. The current password immediately becomes invalid.

By default, the reset password link sent via email expires after two days. If the user attempts to use an expired link, a message is displayed recommending they start the process over by clicking the forgot password link. The amount of time users have before the reset password link expires is controlled by the **Emailed Password Link Valid For Days** setting.