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Use one-time ship-to functionality on your Optimizely <<product-name>> website to give customers the ability to specify one-time shipping addresses without this resulting in new ship-to records in your ERP or other system of record during checkout. The review, pay, and order confirmation pages and order confirmation email display the one-time ship-to address.

The system writes the one-time ship-to address to the Customer table, which facilitates application of any location-based restriction groups. This functionality automatically filters out any records with IsDropShip = true, though, so one-time ship-to addresses don't show on the Customers tab in the Admin Console. These records are cleared out during nightly maintenance.

Customers who enter a one-time ship-to address can only access it on an order as long as they stay signed in. If customers leave an order and attempt to access it on a different device or have to sign-in again, the one-time address is no longer available.

If customers select **Ship to One-Time Address**, the shipping address fields become editable and settings for ship-to creation and editing do not apply. Default address information appears collapsed and expands if customers want to edit an address or enter a one-time shipping address.

## Enable one-time ship-to addresses

Use the Admin Console to enable this functionality within the settings under Account Management \> Website User Permissions.

  1. Go to **Administration \> System \> Settings** and search for **Allow One-Time Addresses**.

  2. Set **Allow One-Time Addresses** to **YES**. If Yes, an address may be entered on the address page that is only used for the current order. Default value is No.

  3. Click **Save**.

  4. Verify the **Ship to One-Time Address** option appears under the drop-down menu on the Shipping page when customers check out.