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Optimizely <<product-name>> supports the use of Vantiv's payment gateway. This article calls out the required Settings for proper configuration.

Additionally, for self-managed customers, all IP's are required to be whitelisted with Vantiv before the gateway will function properly.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **System** \> **Settings.**

  2. Search for and select "Payment Gateway".

  3. Select **Vantiv** from the **Payment Gateway** menu.

  4. Populate the fields listed below with the criteria provided via your Vantiv account.

The following Settings are used to configure Vantiv as the payment provider in <<product-name>>:

Setting NameDescription/Value
Payment GatewaySelect **Vantiv** from the menu
Connection UsernameThe connection username for the Vantiv account.
Connection PasswordThe connection password for the Vantiv account.
LiveIf Yes, the live URL will be used for transactions and charges will be processed. Set to 'No' to have transactions use the Vantiv sandbox URL for testing. **Default value:** No
Live URLThe Live URL used for Vantiv transactions.
Sandbox URLThe Sandbox URL for testing Vantiv transactions. **Default value:** <>
Merchant IDGateway merchant account number.
Report GroupSpecific report group name. **Default value:** Default Report Group

## Transaction types

The following transaction types are can be triggered from within <<product-name>> when completing or updating a transaction.

  • Credit

  • Void

  • Capture

  • Authorization

  • Sale


<<product-name>> does **NOT** store sensitive credit card or profile information.