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## ResetToDefault()

Resets the current DateTimeProvider to the default, which is DefaultDateTimeProvider.

### Methods

Gets the now.


Code Sample:

The example below sets the order date of the customer order to the current date and time.


This property should be used whenever you need to get the current **DateTimeOffset**.


Holds the current **DateTimeProvider**. You can also set a different **DateTimeProvider**. The default provider is **DefaultDateTimeProvider**.

### Properties

A provider that returns the current **DateTimeOffset** for the application. This provider should be used whenever you need to get the current date or time, rather than using the standard **DateTime** or **DateTimeOffset** classes. Using this provider also gives the additional benefit of making unit testing much easier. Before your test harness runs, you can change the current **DateTimeProvider** to a provider that returns the same **DateTimeOffset** no matter what. This makes testing for specific dates and times much easier to predict rather than using the system clock, which is always changing.