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**Unit Cost** identifies or captures the cost of producing a product with the intent to sell. There are two places where this field exists within the Admin Console in Optimizely <<product-name>> at the Product level and the Product Warehouse level.

The Product **Unit Cost** field is found on a Product's **Detail** finger tab. By default it is hidden, but can be exposed using the **Master Edit Mode** or the **Application Dictionary**. It is used in conjunction with various <<product-name>> features, such as **[Promotions](🔗)**, **Pricing**, and **[Request for Quote (RFQ)](🔗)**. The **Unit Cost** field is essential when Promotions or RFQs are based on a margin of profitability based on the product cost of production. Therefore it is typically populated through an ERP integration and hidden to prevent unintended changes.

The Warehouse **Unit Cost** field is found in the **Product** record within the **Warehouses** finger tab. It is used to distinguish the production costs of a product by individual warehouse. This Unit Cost field is not connected to other <<product-name>> features, such as RFQ, but can be used for Pricing. This field is customizable if increased functionality is desired.

The **Unit Cost** is most frequently used in conjunction with commodity based products. For example, the cost of certain materials are dependent upon where they are processed. So, a warehouse on the West Coast would likely have different pricing than a warehouse on the East Coast. Therefore it would be necessary to use the Warehouse Unit Cost field, as they pricing would be different for each warehouse.

## View the product Unit Cost field

For reference, the following provides the steps to view both field locations:

Assuming the **Master Edit Mode** is enabled or the **Application Dictionary** has been updated to expose the field, use the following steps to view the Product Unit Cost field:

  1. **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products**.

  2. Click **Edit** for a product.

  3. In the **Details** finger tab, scroll down to the **Pricing** section and view the **Unit Cost** field.

## Warehouse product Unit Cost

Use the following steps to view the Warehouse Product **Unit Cost** field:

  1. **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products.**

  2. Click **Edit** for a product.

  3. Click the **Warehouses** finger tab.

  4. Click **Edit** of a product.

  5. View **Unit Cost**.