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Many Integration Jobs are set up to run automatically during specific times, intervals or points within a workflow. However, there are other jobs that may need to be run infrequently or in an on-demand type scenario. The focus of this article is to run a Job manually and the steps to do so are shown below:

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **Jobs** \> **Job Definitions**.

  2. Click **Edit** for the desired Job.

  3. In the **Secondary Header**, click **More Options** and click **Schedule Job**.

  4. In the **Schedule Job** window, select the following:

    • Choose the **Schedule Start Date/Time**.

    • Indicate whether or not the Job will run as a **Real Time Job**.

    • And depending on the job complexity, select the desired **Values** for the Job Parameters.


      Only Jobs that contain Parameters will display the Job Parameters.

  5. Click **Schedule Job**.