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A Carrier Service creates a method to ship packages; for example, Ground, Overnight, or Two-Day shipping. Carrier services use ship codes and the ERP system to ship packages automatically after an order is submitted. For instance, if a customer chooses ground shipping for an order, the package is submitted to the ERP with the correct ship code for ground shipping.

You also need to set up shipping services if you enabled Will-Call and Store Pickup functionality for your Will-Call and Store Pickup carrier. Shipping services designated for **Warehouse Pickup** show up for selection on warehouses set to **Allow Warehouse Pickup** in the **Shipping Service for Pickup at this Warehouse** drop-down menu.

## Create a new shipping service

This scenario covers setting up ground shipping for FedEx. Setting these carrier services gives customers options for shipping during the checkout process.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Shipping & Fulfillment** \> **Carriers**.

  2. Click **Edit** for the desired Service.

  3. Click the **Services** finger tab.

  4. Click **Add Shipping Services**.

  5. Create a **Description**. The Description field sets the text that is displayed on the website during checkout.

  6. Selecting **Yes** for the **Enable** toggle allows a customer to use this option at checkout.

  7. Enter the **Ship Code**. This field must contain the Carrier's standard ship code. In this scenario, the ship code for FedEx ground shipping is 03. For reference, a full list of ship codes for FedEx and UPS are listed below.

  8. Selecting **Yes** for the **Default** toggle allows for this Carrier service to be the default carrier service when a customer is selecting a shipping option.

  9. Enter the **ERP Ship Code**. This field must match the ERP's corresponding Ship Code or Ship Via.

  10. **Allow Scheduled Ship Date** allows users to choose a customized ship date. If **Yes,** this toggle displays a **Requested Ship Date** option on the website's checkout page that allows the user to select a calendar date on which they would like the item shipped. The feature does display a note that the requested date may not be fulfilled due to business practices.

  11. If needed, enter a **Charge Amount**. This field is related to Percent rating services, and defines the percentage of the returned carrier freight calculation to charge the customer. To charge the entire amount, enter 100.

  12. Set **Warehouse Pickup** to **YES** if you enabled Will-Call and Store Pickup functionality and want this service to be available for selection on warehouses set to **Allow Warehouse Pickup** in the **Shipping Service for Pickup at this Warehouse** drop-down menu.

  13. Enter a **Flat Fee**. This field defines a flat fee for all orders shipped with this service. In the scenario, $10 is charged to the customer for using ground service, regardless of package size.

  14. Click the Calendar and Time drop-down menus to select a date and time to make this Carrier service **Active**. If not changed, the value defaults to the current date and time.

  15. If needed, enter a **Minimum Fee**. In this scenario there is already a flat fee; therefore, the minimum fee is set to 0.

  16. Click the Calendar and Time drop-down menus to select a date and time to make this carrier service **Deactivate**. In this scenario, there is no plan to deactivate this carrier service option so it is left blank.

  17. Click **Save**.


Ship Codes are specific to the carrier. Refer to the tables below for standard FedEx and UPS ship codes.

## FedEx ship codes

Standard FedEx Ship CodeService Description
FEDEX_1\_DAY_FREIGHTFedEx 1 Day Freight
FEDEX_2\_DAYFedEx 2Day
FEDEX_2\_DAY_AMFedEx 2Day A.M.
FEDEX_2\_DAY_FREIGHTFedEx 2 Day Freight
FEDEX_3\_DAY_FREIGHTFedEx 3 Day Freight
FIRST_OVERNIGHTFedEx First Overnight
GROUND_HOME_DELIVERYFedEx Ground Home Delivery
INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMYFedEx International Economy
INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY_FREIGHTFedEx International Economy Freight
INTERNATIONAL_FIRSTFedEx International First
INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITYFedEx International Priority
INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY_FREIGHTFedEx International Priority Freight
PRIORIY_OVERNIGHTFedEx Priority Overnight
STANDARD_OVERNIGHTFedEx Standard Overnight

## UPS standard ship codes

Standard UPS Ship CodeService Description
01UPS Next Day Air
02UPS 2<sup>nd</sup> Day Air
03UPS Ground
07UPS Worldwide Express
08UPS Worldwide Expedited
11UPS Standard
QUPS 3 Day Select
13UPS Next Day Air Saver
14UPS Next Day Air Early AM
54UPS Worldwide Express Plus
59UPS 2<sup>nd</sup> Day Air AM