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The Package record defines the dimensions of the box that will be used to calculate the freight charge. Because you will want the calculated freight charge to be as accurate as possible, it is important that you choose the standard or most commonly used package.


Package Records are not needed for Flat Fee or Percentage Fee services.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Shipping and Fulfillment** \> **Carriers**.

  2. Click **Edit** to open an existing carrier or click the **Add Carrier** to create a new carrier.

  3. Click the **Packages** finger tab

  4. Click **Edit** to open an existing package or click **Add Carrier Package** to create a new carrier package.

  5. Enter data in the following columns within Packages grid:

    • **Name** – Name of your package. For example: Default, Generic or 12x12x12

    • **Length** – The length of your package

    • **Width** – The width of your package

    • **Height** – The height of your package

    • **Max Weight** – The maximum shipment weight for which this package will be used

    • **Active** – Sets the package as active. Ensure that this box is checked.

  6. Click **Save** to accept changes.