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Sales Representatives are company employees who manage one or many customer accounts, and work with them to purchase company goods and services. Manage Sales Reps in the Admin Console in Optimizely <<product-name>>under **Sales \> Sales Representatives.**

The Sales Representatives **+Sales Rep** screen displays the following fields:

Column Title
Column Title
**Sales Rep Number**Required field uniquely identifying the salesperson
**Name**Sales Rep's full name
**Description**An internal description of the user
**Title**The Sales Rep's title
**Phone**Primary telephone number
**Email**Primary email address
**User Profile**Connect the Sales Rep to a user profile to allow them to access the website and place orders
**Image Path**Browse for an image and add it to the Sales Rep's profile
**Sales Manager**Assign the Sales Rep another user to act as Sales Manager. Sales Managers may have additional discount permissions, and can see all quotes and related information for their team of Sales Reps.
**Min Margin Allowed**This is the minimum percent margin the sales representative must make on the sale of a product, based off the product cost
**Max Discount Percent**This is the maximum percentage a product can be discounted by the sales representative

Reveal additional fields using the Application Dictionary.

## Use case: Hero Tools and Hansen Construction

Hero Tools employs myriad sales representatives to provide their customers with reliable resources, product experts, and an easy way to reorder. Hero just hired Jack Jones as one of their reps and need to add him to <<product-name>>. Jack's main client is Hansen Construction, one of Hero's best customers. The ISC_Admin creates a user and Sales Rep profile for Jack in the Admin Console, then assigns him as Hansen Construction's **Primary Sales Rep**. This provides Jack with access to Hansen's order history, allows him to place orders for Hansen, and ensures he can receive and respond to quote requests. Once Jack becomes comfortable with Hero's products and processes, the ISC_Admin can assign him additional customers to increase sales.

## Create a sales rep

Create a Sales Rep manually or import several reps into the console at once using File Import.

To create a Sales Rep, begin by creating and activating a corresponding **Website User** profile. If a Sales Rep is not assigned a user role, the Sales Rep will have the same permissions as a Buyer 3. For a Sales Rep to add users to the Website, the user should be assigned the **Administrator** role. Whatever role you assign here also applies to the <<product-name>> Mobile App.

### Create a Sales Rep Manually

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Sales** \> **Sales Representatives**.

  2. Click **Add Sales Rep**.

  3. Enter the **Sales Rep Number** and **Name**, and attach the appropriate **User Profile** so the Sales Rep may log in to the website.


    As a best practice, the **Email, Min Margin Allowed,** and **Max Discount Percent** fields are also populated.

  4. Click **Save**.

### Create a sales rep through file import

To create multiple Sales Rep records at once, export the existing Sales Rep list to create an import template. This can be done even if the current Sales Rep list is empty. Once the Excel file has been downloaded, populate it with the new Sales Reps, then import the file into the Admin Console.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Sales** \> **Sales Representatives**.

  2. Click **Export**.

  3. Open the exported Excel file and populate the necessary information:

    • **Name**

    • **Salesperson Number**

      These are the only two fields that are necessary for the Sales Rep records to be accepted when imported. As a best practice, Insite recommends exporting the **Email**, **Max Discount Percent**, **Min Margin Allowed**, and **User Profile** fields also.

  4. Save the Excel file.

  5. Click **Import**.

  6. Select the file using **Choose File**.

  7. Adjust any of the **Import Options**.

  8. Click **Import**.

## Assign a sales rep to a customer

When a Sales Rep's Website User profile is created, the creator should assign the Sales Rep's customers to their profile. However, for a Sales Rep to receive Request for Quote notifications, they must be assigned to the customer as the customer's primary sales rep.

  1. Go to **Admin Console \> Customers**.

  2. Select **Edit** next to a customer.

  3. At the bottom of the Details tab, select a Sales Rep from the **Primary Sales Rep** drop-down.

  4. Click **Save**.

## View sales rep quotes as a sales manager

Sales Managers can view, update and propose quotes for RFQs submitted by customers to their assigned Sales Reps.

  1. Log into your website and go to **My Account \> My Quotes**.

  2. Click **Search Quotes**.

  3. Select a Sales Rep from the **Sales Rep** drop-down list.

  4. Click **Search** to view that Sales Rep's quotes.