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Optimizely <<product-name>> offers an automated email for PunchOut administrators to receive if an order request fails. This article provides the required steps to set up the automated email. The steps include changing a setting as well as editing the template.

## Update the setting


The **PunchOut_FailedOrderRequest** setting is a uniquely applied to each website.

  1. Go to **Marketing** \> **Communication** \> **Email Templates**.

  2. Locate the **PunchOut_FailedOrderRequest** template and click **Edit**. The email template is automatically created

  3. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings**.

  4. From the **Configuring** menu, select the desired website.

  5. Select the **Order Management** finger tab.

  6. In **Failed Order Email**, enter the email address. To add additional recipients, click **Add**.

## Edit the email template

To make edits to the template, go to the **Admin Console** \> **Marketing** \> **Communication** \> **Email Templates**.

The template is pre-populated with the following information:

  • **Subject line** – Failed Punchout Order Alert

  • **Body** – Date/Time Received: \<created on date/time>

  • **Body** – Order ID: \<Order ID from cXML>

  • **Body** – Bill To: \<BillTo.Name from cXML>

  • **Body** – The above document failed to be processed. See the Order Requests history for additional information

The email will be sent to the recipients according to the following conditions:

  • During the processing of the cXML – if a fatal error occurs **AND** there are any addresses in the Punchout_FailedOrderEmail setting **AND** the template exists, send out the email using the template.

  • Use the **Failed Order Email** Setting to identify the recipients who receive email notification for when an order fails when processing through cXML/PunchOut.