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You should only deactivate users. Users cannot be deleted from the admin console due to various foreign key restraints such as customer orders.

Optimizely <<product-name>> recommends deactivating users instead of deleting them so they retain their settings and history. For example, a contractor who may return to a job periodically, a user who is on a temporary medical leave, a user's role has temporarily changed, or the user's access status is in question. It is also possible to configure a setting to automatically deactivate a user after a certain number of days.

You may want to review user activity to determine whether to deactivate a user. You can find a user's **Last Sign In** information in their user profile under the **Status** section.

## Manually deactivate a user

  1. Log into the **Admin Console**.

  2. Go to **Administration** \> **Users** \> **Console Users** or **Website Users**

  3. Scroll down to the **Status** section.

  4. Change the **Is Deactivated** toggle to **On**, which suspends the user's account.


The only notification to the users that their account has been deactivated is displayed on the Sign In page.

## Automatically deactivate a user

Deactivating both **Console Users** or **Website Users** after a certain number of days is controlled by the **Days Inactive Before Deactivation** setting. Use the following steps to change the setting.

  1. Log into the **Admin Console**.

  2. Go to **Administration** \> **System** \> **Settings**.

  3. In the Search box, begin typing **Days Inactive Before Deactivation.**


  4. Click the desired setting.

  5. Enter the number of days in the field. If zero is entered, the auto-deactivation feature will be disabled.