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The quote calculator allows sales representatives to provide product quotes to users. The sales representative may provide up to five quoted price breaks for the selected product.

## Access the quote calculator

Access the Quote Calculator on the Quote Details Page (on the website, go to **My Account** \> **My Quotes** and select a quote). Select **Quote** to provide a quote for the selected product.

## Quote

Use the Quote window to set quoted prices for different break quantities. For example, if the user is looking to purchase 25 units of a product, the Sales Representative may choose to offer one price for 1-20 units of the product, a second (lower) price for 21-25 units of the product, and a third (lowest) price for 26+ units of the product. The Sales Representative's Minimum appears on the left side of the window; this is calculated using the Representative's **Min Margin Allowed** and **Max Discount Percent** records in the Admin Console.

Select **Apply Quote** to apply the price breaks to the product. Back on the Quote Details page, select **Submit Sales Quote** to send the quote back to the requesting user.