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To provide a more consistent language experience, Optimizely <<product-name>> makes it possible to translate the Specification tabs on the Product Detail page to display the chosen language. Use the following instructions to update the Specification tabs.

## Add a specification tab

An obvious, but often overlooked step, is to ensure that multiple languages exist within the Admin Console prior to completing the following steps. If necessary,see the article on Creating a New Language for help on this topic.

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Catalog** \> **Products**.

  2. Click **Edit** for the desired Product.

  3. Click the **Specifications** finger tab.

  4. Click **Add Specifications**.

  5. In **Name**, enter the name of the tab that will display on the website.

  6. In **Description**, enter a description of the Specification.


    The content entered in this field is only visible within the Admin Console and is used to help differentiate one specification from another when viewing the Specification list page.

  7. Toggle the **Active** field to display **YES**.

  8. In the **Sort Order** field, enter the number that represents the Specification tab position from left to right.

  9. After the page refreshes, the content editor presents itself.

  10. Click **Create Revision**.

  11. Click the **Language** drop-down menu and select the desired Language.


  12. Using the **WYSIWYG** editor, enter the information that will be presented within the respective **Specification** tab.

  13. Click **Save**.

  14. When completed, click **Publish** and click **Publish** again to approve.

  15. Click **Save**.

  16. Rebuild the **Product Search Index**:

    1. In the **Primary Navigation**, click **Marketing** \> **Search** \> **Indexing**.

    2. Click **Full Rebuild** for the Product Search Index.

    3. The newly created tabs should now be visible on the website.

## Change the language of the specification tab

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Localization** \> **Translation Dictionary**.

  2. Click **More Options** and choose **Generate Records** to ensure that all options are listed.

  3. Change the **Search** filter menu to display **Keyword**.


  4. Enter the Specification tab name.

  5. Click **Edit** for the desired Specification

  6. In the **Language** field, choose the desired language.

  7. Both the **Source** and **Keyword** fields can be skipped over,

  8. In the **Translation** field, enter the translated tab name.

  9. Rebuild the Search Index- see step 16 above, if necessary.