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Optimizely <<product-name>> provides a predefined About Us page in the content tree. To create content on the **About Us** page, the user needs the _Content Editor_ or _Content Administrator_ role assigned to them.

  1. From the website, click the **Show CMS** button.

  2. Click **Toggle Content Tree** on the top of the screen.

  3. Click **Page Chevron** next to **Home** to expand the page library.

  4. Click **About Us** on the content tree.

  5. Either edit or delete existing content from content widgets or Create new content widgets .

  6. Click **Edit this Page** to modify page information and metadata.

  7. Click **Save** to commit changes to the page.

  8. Click **Publish** to submit for approval.


    Content Approver and Content Administrator user roles may publish the page without further review.