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The **User Administration** section of the website in Optimizely <<product-name>> can only be accessed by a user with the role of **Administrator**. **User Administration** is found under **My Account**. The User Administration functionality is broken into three sections:

  • User Administration

  • User Setup

  • Ship To Assignment

## User administration

The **User Administration** page acts as the hub for the User Administration features. The page features a searchable grid of users associated with the currently selected customer. This includes users created through the User Administration feature.

## User setup

The **User Setup** page is accessible by clicking **Create New User** on the **User Administration** page or by selecting an existing user. The **User Setup** page lets you create or edit a User with the following information for the currently selected customer:

## Ship To Assignment

The window can be accessed in one of two ways:

  • The window will automatically appear once you click **Save** on the **User Setup** page for a new User

  • This window will appear by clicking **Assign/Edit Ship To(s)** in the **User Setup** page for an existing User

The window shows a listing of associated Ship To addresses for the customer that can be assigned to the user. In addition to the option of assigning a Ship To, this window also allows for one of the Ship To addresses to be assigned as the default address, and a default Cost Code to be set.


The first record in the **Assign / Edit Ship To** list is by default the selected customer's bill to record, therefore it cannot be deselected. See the first record in the example shown above.