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CyberSource is a payment gateway and tax calculation plug-in for processing online orders. Optimizely <<product-name>> customers can use CyberSource's Simple Order API for tax calculation and CyberSource's SOAP Toolkit API as the payment gateway.

The following must be completed prior to enabling Cybersource:

  • Obtain keys for the SOAP Toolkit API Key

  • Obtain the Merchant ID- this is the unique identifier used to log into CyberSource's Business Center. For most users, the Merchant ID and User Name are the same.

## Generate the SOAP toolkit API security key


  • Java's Runtime Environment must be installed (use this link to download <>

  • Must use a browser other than Google Chrome. Chrome does not work to download the keys on CyberSource's website.

  1. Log into the Business Center Test Environment: <>

  2. From the **Account Management** tab, select **Transaction Security Keys**.

  3. Select **Security Keys for the SOAP Toolkit API**.

  4. Select **Generate Key**.

  5. Either manually copy the key string value from the textbox displayed on-screen, or click **Download** to select a secure location on your computer to save the key string generated as a text file.

These steps can also be found within the CyberSource Support Center: [How do I update an existing CyberSource API security key or create a new one altogether](🔗).

## Update the settings to enable CyberSource to be the payment gateway

  1. Go to **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **System **\> **Settings**

  2. Search for "Payment Gateway" and select **CyberSource** from the menu.

The following Settings are used to setup CyberSource as the payment provider in <<product-name>>.

<table class="TableStyle-Borders" style="margin-left: 0; margin-right: auto; width: 100%;" data-cellspacing="0"> <colgroup> <col style="width: 50%" /> <col style="width: 50%" /> </colgroup> <thead> <tr class="header TableStyle-Borders-Head-Header1"> <th class="TableStyle-Borders-HeadE-Regular-Header1">Setting</th> <th class="TableStyle-Borders-HeadD-Regular-Header1"><p>Description</p></th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr class="odd TableStyle-Borders-Body-Row1"> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyE-Regular-Row1"><p>Payment Gateway</p></td> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyD-Regular-Row1"><p>CyberSource</p> <p><strong>Note:</strong> This needs to be selected first in order to expose the other CyberSource related settings.</p></td> </tr> <tr class="even TableStyle-Borders-Body-Row1"> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyE-Regular-Row1">Merchant ID</td> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyD-Regular-Row1"><p>A unique value that identifies a merchant within CyberSource systems. This ID must be provided when logging into the Business Center and when submitting transactions to CyberSource.</p></td> </tr> <tr class="odd TableStyle-Borders-Body-Row1"> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyE-Regular-Row1">Transaction Key</td> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyD-Regular-Row1"><p>Use the Security Key for the SOAP Toolkit API - see instructions for obtaining the key below.</p></td> </tr> <tr class="even TableStyle-Borders-Body-Row1"> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyE-Regular-Row1">Send to Production</td> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyD-Regular-Row1">Determines if the transaction is sent to the production cybersource server or the test cybersource server Default value: No</td> </tr> <tr class="odd TableStyle-Borders-Body-Row1"> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyB-Regular-Row1">Use Payment Gateway Vault</td> <td class="TableStyle-Borders-BodyA-Regular-Row1"><p><span>Enables using credit card tokens from the payment gateway that can be submitted to the ERP. This option should only be enabled if the ERP requires the payment card token to process a transaction as opposed to the authorization token. Default value: Yes.</span></p> <p><span>The Payment Gateway Vault token is stored in Token2.</span></p></td> </tr> </tbody> </table>