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This article provides the required steps to apply overrides to accomplish two promotion-related scenarios:

  • Retrieve the promotions that are applied to a given line item in the order.

  • Provide information about which promotions were applied to the order AND also report which promotions were order level vs. order line level.

The following table shows the default behavior of the APIs related to promotions:

Column Title
Column Title
Column Title
GET/api/v1/carts/{cartId}/promotionsReturn a collection of promotions applied to a specific shopping cart
POST/api/v1/carts/{cartId}/promotionsApply promotions to a specific shopping cart
GET/api/v1/carts/{cartId}/promotions/{promotionId}Return a single promotion for a specific shopping cart

Retrieving the Cart Line Level Data

  1. Create a custom mapper class that inherits from the **GetCartLineMapper** base class.

  2. Override the **MapResult** method. Be sure to call the base method before doing any work.

  3. The **GetCartLineResult** object is passed into the **MapResult** method. This object contains the **CartLine** object as a property, which contains a **PromotionResult** property and a **Promotion** property. Add any additional information you need to the **Properties** collection of the **GetCartLineModel** object.

The following mapper adds the Promotion "Name" to the **Properties** collection.