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User can view logging information around Optimizely <<product-name>>'s processing of **Order Request** messages. This area is found in the **Admin Console** \> **Administration** \> **PunchOut** \> **Order Requests.**

Click **View** for an exiting **Order Request**. This brings up the following 5 fingertabs:

  • **Details** – User friendly view of the data sent in the cXML

  • **cXML** – Actual raw data sent

  • **PDF** – shows the a PDF rendering of the order email sent via Conexium

  • **Extrinsics** – These are the non-standard cXML fields sent in the request

  • **Messages** – Audit trail of the cXML processing. Helps to show where there may be missing data, identifies why an order may have failed

  • **Item Outs** – Basically the order line detail sent in the cXML

The following image shows the **Order Requests** page in the Admin Console and the initial list view of any individual **Order Request Messages** sent into <<product-name>>. This view can help users locate a specific message using the filter tool or by adding in additional fields/columns as necessary.

When a specific **Order Request** message is located, users can then click **View** to review the details around a specific message, including the original cXML request & response message. Users can also review the PDF attached to the document, if one was sent with the cXML.

If there was a failure in processing an Order Request cXML message, users can look through the **Messages** tab to audit the processing logic and locate where the failure occurred. If the issue involved bad setup data in ISC (such as missing Ship-To Address ID, invalid Ship Via, and so on), Users can then correct the ISC data and resubmit the Order Request message.