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## API

Learn about and interact with the RESTful APIs using the Swagger endpoints provided. Explore the parameters needed for API calls and the JSON result.

[Storefront API](🔗)

[Admin API](🔗)

## Deployments and upgrades

Read articles related to Optimizely Configured Commmerce deployments, upgrades, hosting, and troubleshooting. Also download the latest SDK.

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## Handlers

Discover more about using handlers, which are responsible for the heavy lifting of objects and processing of business logic.

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## Integration and plugins

Use the Windows Integration Service along with the Admin Console job definitions to integrate with common backend systems such as ERP and PIM.

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## Pipelines

Discover more about using pipelines, which are reusable portions of non-transactional business logic similar to handlers.

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## Platform guides

Guidance on platform architecture and prescribed extension points. This includes general getting started information, as well as standard functionality and behavior.

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## Use case guides

Examples of customization, extension, and configuration of the platform. This includes themes, handlers, search, and content management.

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