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Create new blueprints in Spire

Describes how to create new blueprints in Spire.

Before creating a new Blueprint in Spire, be sure you have access to a local installation of Optimizely Configured Commerce. The Configured Commerce Github repository contains all of the Spire front-end code at \FrontEnd. It also includes an example Blueprint with some basic examples of customizations at \modules\blueprints\example.

To run spire using the built-in content-library, follow these steps:

  1. Use a terminal and go to \FrontEnd.

  2. Run npm install (only if you have not already).

  3. Run npm run start.

    This starts the Spire site at localhost:3000 and defaults to connecting to a Configured Commerce instance that is running at There is a file at \\FrontEnd\\Config\\settings.js that controls the apiUrl. Changes to this file require re-running npm run start.

    The npm run start command has two optional parameters. For example, if you wanted to run the example Blueprint on port 4000, run npm run start example 4000. To run the base content-library on another port,
    run npm run start content-library 4000.

    To get started on your own Blueprint, continue with the following steps:

  4. Use a terminal and go to \\FrontEnd.

  5. Run npm run create-blueprint myCustomBlueprint.

  6. Verify your new Blueprint was created at \\modules\\blueprints\\myCustomBlueprint.