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Deploy locally

Instructions for running your application locally for testing and debugging.

You must select the correct configuration in Visual Studio when deploying locally (not to an app store).

The Mobile SDK provides two build options:

  • Release – production environment
  • Debug – development environment

Each build has variants:

  1. Default – deploys to Android
  2. iPhone – deploys to a physical iOS device
  3. iPhoneSimulator – deploys to an iOS simulator


iOS requires you to select the type of device to which you are deploying:

  • CommerceMobileApp.iOS > Debug|iPhoneSimulator

    Run the app in debug mode with iOS simulators on a local machine.

  • CommerceMobileApp.iOS > Debug|iPhone

    Run the app in debug mode on a connected iPhone or over Wi-Fi.


You can deploy Android to a physical device or an emulator with the same configuration options:

  • CommerceMobileApp.Droid > Debug