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Sandbox and production infrastructure

Overview of hosting environments and infrastructure.

Optimizely will provision and maintain two hosting environments: Sandbox and Production. The Sandbox environment supports customer UAT testing scenarios, while the Production environment is the live site where commerce is conducted. The implementation team must host all development and test environments.

Additional development environments are available for purchase if a single Sandbox environment is not enough. Contact your Customer Success Manager if interested.

Infrastructure versions

VersionEnvironmentURL Example



We are actively in the process of migrating all customers to the v3 infrastructure.

The diagram below shows the data flow through Configured Commerce infrastructure.

External WIS

The implementation team, in coordination with the customer, is responsible for hosting and maintaining the Windows Integration Service (WIS) used for integrating backend systems such as ERPs. The WIS relies on a direct connection to those systems and uses push/pull requests to transfer data between backend systems and the commerce application.

For more information on integration and how-tos, review the Integrations and Jobs article.